Thanks for voting at me

I got elected for the board of the Association of Software Testers (AST). I’m really proud of that. I need to thank a lot of people. Thats why I write this post.

First thanks to my fellow contenders. I got elected as well as Chris Kenst and Matt Heusser. Lee Hawkins and Raj Subramanian did not made it to the board, but a huge thanks for participating.

Thanks to the people who are leaving the board, Rob Sabourin, Kate Falenga and Justin Rohrman. The work you have done for the AST was awesome. A hard job for met to top that.

Thanks to the sitting board members, Ilari Aegerter, Eric Proegler, Maria Kedemo and Carol Brands for their warm welcome to me, Matt and Chris.

Some special personal thanks to people like Paul Holland, Anna Royzman, Michael Bolton and Huib Schoots. Working with and talking to you on various places around the world made me strong to pick this role as board member of the AST.

But the most thanks go to my wife Jacqueline. She gave me her approval to participate in the election. Now being elected means that some time will go to the AST. She accepted that, because she knows it is important for me and my career.

So to close, thanks for voting at me. I hope that I will make you proud as a member of the AST.

Kind regards,

Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver

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  1. Chris Kenst says:

    Thanks for the shout out and I’m excited to be a board member with you. I love how you call out your wife, I think we both owe our wives a big thank you for making time for us! To the future!

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