Running for the board of the Association of Software Testers

Hi, I’m Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver. I’m running for the board of the Association of Software Testers. I like to introduce myself.

I’m coming from the Netherlands. 52 years old, married and father of three kids. I’m a software tester for more than 20 years.

I’m a member of the AST for more that 9 years. The AST has given me a lot. The opportunity to meet a lot of people by attending their conferences. Also the peer conferences like WOPR and STiFS. That is a strong part of the AST. Bringing people together to confer. I had the privilege to speak at two AST conferences (CAST 2016 and 2017).

Next to that, the AST offers their members training opportunities, better known as the BBST training courses. I have successfully completed all four of them and I’m now offering my services as an instructor. This gives me great joy to help the members of the AST. But I want to do more.

Our profession is challenged lately. A lot of new visions are shared where the role of a software tester is seeing different as we used to belief. I want to help our community to prepare them self for this future. To make sure that we still contribute to our team. To add value to our customers. Help our members to recognize theirs gaps and find means to fill them.

How? By bringing people together. Expand to other, different areas. Find new voices and give them a platform to convey their message to bring us testers to the next level.

As I said, the AST has given me a lot. It is time that I give some back. I want to do this as a member of the board and help our community to be prepared for the future. I hope you find yourself in my ideas and are willing to vote for me.

Thanks. Yours sincerely.

Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver

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