30 Days of Mobile Testing challenge – Day 11 to 15

This is my third blog in the 30 Days of Mobile Testing challenge (#30DaysOfMobileTesting), where I give more context to the 140 character tweets I posted.

Day 11 : “Find 5 bugs in a responsive web page and report them”

At this moment, I test a solution with a Mobile App which interacts with a responsive web page. The Mobile App and responsive web application share a common back end. Certain overviews can be observed on both the Mobile App and responsive web application. By compare them, I found some bugs on the responsive web application

Day 12 : “Find 3 usability problems in a mobile app and explain to the owner that why the findings are problematic”

For my test work on the Mobile App I found a bug with a text string of an icon which was not cut-off properly when switched to an other language. When I switched from English to Dutch, the string for an icon switched from ‘ATM Finder’ to ‘Geldautomaat zoeken’. Look at the length of the Dutch string. That caused some usability issues. We had to made the icon bigger, to fit in the word ‘Geldautomaat’ in one line. Effect was that another overview of icons in the same screen became mis-aligned, i.e. different in size. We fixed this problem by having one general size for all icons on the screen

Day 13 : “Share you biggest frustration about mobile testing to a developer”

Depends on the context. With the App I’m working on right now we need to connect to a response web all the time.
The responsive website changes its password every month. We need to have a new build for that every time. It helps of course, otherwise it is typing in the password details every time you access the responsive website.
A general fustration is that there are a lot of Android devices on the market. Always wondering if I tested the correct set of device for my App.
My biggest mobile testing frustration, I still have to test on an Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich OS (4.0.4)

Day 14 : “What was the best mobile bug ever found?”

The Summertime bug, just read the blogpost

Day 15 : “Share your favorite mobile testing resource with us, either blog, book or podcast”

For me, my favorite mobile testing resource is the book ‘Hand-on Mobile App Testing’ by Daniel Knott. It is a good overview of what needs to be done to become a mobile tester who takes his/her profession seriously

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