First Impression Test

Frequently I’m confronted with the fact that the User Story has been built, but the software is not pushed to the build server where I can download it from and put it on my mobile device to test it. The reason is that the developer needs to have his/her code reviewed by a colleague developer. This is not done directly. Sometimes the code is reviewed by a colleague developer in the team, but most of the time it is done by a developer from the other team. It takes some time which I think is lost time.

Nowadays, the moment I see the ‘Code review’ stickie on the board, I ask the developer to provide me the software. It is a build from his/her local machine. The reason I want this, is that I can do some tests on the User Story. I have a first impression of the new or changed feature. Doing this, I give the developer feedback on the software (s)he built.

What I found varies from a textual error or a text that runs of the screen to a crash of the App. Using this moment while the code is reviewed, I also “review” his/her code. By testing it.

When the review of the code is done, the developer has feedback to improve his/her code. From a colleague developer and from a tester. It will result in new code which we will be pushed to the build server so I can use this build. Other testers too.

So, I make use of time which is needed to review the code of a User Story by testing this code, to have a first impression. I call this a First Impression Test.

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