Going to the Test Leadership Congress

I’m pleased to hear that a conference is organized about Leadership with a focus on my profession, i.e. Test.

Leadership is always related to a person who is manager and leading a group. This is not the case. Leadership is about some person who has a strong vision of a certain goal he/she wants to achieve. He/She is a very passionate person who wants to talk about his/her vision. His/Her passion attracts other people who follow him/her. He/she creates a group of followers, who will help him/her to spread around his/her vision.

Looking at the list of speakers, I see a lot of leaders of our test community giving a presentation or a tutorial. It is an honor to hear the stories of these persons and learn from their experiences. I know that these persons are very passionate about their profession.

I believe it is money well spend and a great opportunity to visit the Big Apple. This will be for sure quality time. So, I can only say one thing to you, my fellow testers. Come to New York, come the Test Leadership Congress. See you there.

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