I made a promise

A while ago I made a promise. When you make a promise you make a commitment to deliver. So it is time to deliver. I write this blog as a start for more blogs to come. It is about the various session reports you can write during the exploration of the product/application you are going to test. The promise I made was mentioned in the blog post Session Based Test – Session reports

I mentioned 6 different types of session reports

  • Intake Sessions
  • Survey Sessions
  • Setup Sessions
  • Analyses Sessions
  • Deep Coverage Sessions
  • Closure Sessions

The coming weeks I will go in more detail on these session reports based on my own experiences

Note : The content of this blog post is based on a 2 day training about Session Based Test Management, given by James Bach. See http://www.satisfice.com/classes2.shtml for information where you can attend this training.

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