1000 times Five Blogs A Day

Today, I have posted the 1000th edition of Five Blogs A Day. A nice milestone. It has been more than 3 years ago when I started with this. First just to store the reference of the blogs I read for my self. At a certain moment I thought, share these lists of blogs with the community. So I did. People started to follow, retweeted my posts.

The reason I read five blogs a day is collect knowledge about the areas of my interest. These are Software Test, Personal Improvement, Productivity and Leadership (and a few others). I read the blogs and try to see if I can use it in my daily work or even in personal situations. A lot of knowledge can be collected from these blogs. Blogs written from an expert point of view or from a personal point of view.

For me it is a sort of relaxing moment too. You have a reading moment each day.

I can thank a thousand people for creating these blogs, what they provide is valuable information. So many great stories. Please keep them coming and I put them on my list of Five Blogs A Day. It gives me energy to carry on to another milestone.

With kind regards,

Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver

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  1. Michael says:

    Hi Simon,

    Congrats and many thanks for providing these blogs. They are a good start of the day for me and give me a moment for myself which I really cherish. Its contents have really helped me in developing myself to the person who I am today.

    Up to another 1000!



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