Tangible output

Most of the time, we as testers are judged on the output we create. Below, just a few activities you as a tester suppose to do for each project or even for each user story.

Risk identification
The result is a list with risk items. Each risk will be analysed and prioritized.

Reading requirements
List of questions you will ask to the experts. You will write down the answers to help you to create test ideas

Generating test ideas
List of test ideas which will support the test execution.

Executed tests
Each executed test is supported with information by means of a session report

With all the information you gathered, you have some tangible output that will support the decisions to be made. When the features (or user stories) you have tested are moved to the production site and things go wrong, you always can fall back on the information you gathered. In extreme situations, you will be accused of poor testing. That is not what you want. So keep track of what you are doing, you may need it when the unexpected happens.

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