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A tweet placed by @TESTHuddle

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-09 om 20.13.54With a link to the page to the forum

In stead of responding on the forum, I decided to write a blog post to formulate my thoughts

Things like learn the V-Model is not a way to start. Ofcourse he has to learn a lot. I will telll him that. He will learn his whole live to keep up to date with his profession. If he does his learning well, he will improve himself to a much better tester. I like to help a first time tester in his decision, but he decides himself how much time and effort he will put into it.

To help a first time tester, I will ask him the following,

    “Can you explain what testing is about?”

While discussing this question, I will guide him to the two mantras I use to explain what testing is about.

    Questioning the product to evaluate it, to learn from it.
    Gathering information to make an informative decision

Why am I doing that? Because testing is about “gathering information”. How do you do that, gathering information? By “asking questions”.

A first time tester needs to know how he can find this information which is relevant to him and the means where to find it. This all depends on how to ask good questions. All these questions have to lead to information that helps him to make decisions relevant to his (test-)mission. Note that the answer(s) on his question(s) not only provide information but possibly also a new set of questions.

While doing this, he develops a mind of exploring (to boldly go where no one has gone before). He becomes a critical thinker. Asking questions for the benefit of collecting information which helps him to make decisions. Decisions that will help his stakeholder to meet the objectives. A first time tester must be aware that he has to be of value to his stakeholder(s) at certain moments in time. In other words, deliver quality results.

This way of acting and thinking is much more important than some kind certification.

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  1. Thanh Huynh says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s helpful for new testers

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