Just a word : Read

To Read is ….

    To collect knowledge
    To learn
    To get informed

You Read something ….

    To relax
    To a person
    To see what to do next
    To become smart

Let me tel you a story. It is about a person who has difficulties with reading. He wants to read, but most of the time he fails to find moment to do it. Why? The book has too many pages? Letters are to small? No that is not it. His mind is constantly wandering about other things, ‘stuff’. He started to think about it. What can I do about this ’stupid’ habit.

He came up with the idea to read blogs. On a daily base. He sees two advantages. Blogs are most of the time short and are containing information which is relevant at present. Still he feels the need to read books. He hears his peers about it. “This book is great. It is about ….”. He only can hear what they talk about, but not participate in the discussion.

He started to search for opportunities how to deal with his wondering mind. Start to read at quite places, without any distraction. That does not work either. Then something came to his attention. Audiobooks. Is that perhaps a solution? In stead of reading, you can listening. He tried. The focus was on listening in stead of reading. It seems to work in the beginning, but …. the mind started wondering again. Thinking about other things, ‘stuff’. Dissatisfied, he was thinking about giving up. This is not for me. “

“But wait”, he said to himself. “When I have the audiobook and also the physical book in hand, I can read the lines in the book while the same lines are spoken to him. He tried it with a book. This is it, this works for me. I found the solution. I can read the books now others also reading, eh … most of them.” Most modern books have also an audiobook version.

But this is a bit expensive. You have to buy two books. So? It solves the problem, isn’t it? With a noise canceling head set, you can isolate yourself and have some quality reading time. You even can read (and listen to) a book in the airplane.

Unfortunately, some books don’t have an audio version. Still there are enough books with an audio version which keeps you occupied for a long time.

Nowadays, he is now reading books with the audio spoken to him. Next to that, he read his blogs on a regular base. He reads five blogs every (working) day.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Simon,
    great topic.
    Have similar problem. How to effectively absorb information in timely manner?
    Two questions:
    1. How much time do you spent in order to select 5 blogs that you will read?
    2. Have you tried Text to speech engine? I am very satisfied with OSX implementation.

    Regards, Karlo.

    1. Karlo,

      The question you asked:
      1. Per day, I scan about 10-12 blogs from a larger list. About 30-45 minutes to collect the 5 blogs and compose the list. About 1 hour reading the blogs.
      2. I will look for this text to speech engine. Thanks for the tip.



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