You can use the Session Based Test Approach all the time

This blog is a follow up on the blog post series I wrote about ‘Where To Use The Session Based Test Approach,

The three blog posts I wrote, are:

Looking back and rethinking the experiences I mentioned there, I thought by myself; I can use the Session Based Test Approach all the time. Yes, ALL THE TIME.

Even in a scripted situation. How? The Session Based Test Approach is in essence writing down your observations during a test execution. You use the information you gathered to help you determine the result of your test case. Your result of the test case is hopefully a pass. But it can also be a fail. Guess what, you already have written a very important part of your bug report. A set of actions that lead to the problem you have encountered.
But there is more. While you are testing, you encountered a lot of issues or problems. As you write down your observations you try to find out what is going on. As you gather your information, you get deeper and deeper into the situation you are testing. Before you know it, it is end of the business day. What, no progress? How is that possible? Look at my session reports. There you can see what I have done. It is progress. A lot of information is revealed, important information. That it can not be mapped to a test case which you use to “measure progress”, that is your problem. Deal with it. You are a manager, so manage it.

Is it hard to react this way? Perhaps. But the problem is. Managemant is holding you accountable for your work you have done. Okay, no problem. Your session reports are your back up. It is tangible information of what you have done. You can explain what you did, justify why you did it, and proof that you actually conducted the test. …… you only can not say if it is a pass or a fail, so be it.

In the other situation where things go as expected, the test case you are executing giving you a pass as a result. It is good to that you have made notes using the Session Based Test approach. These reports can be used by testers who are doing the regression tests next time or you can hand over the information to the test automation people. For them this is valid information to do their part of the test work.

That makes it full circle for me. The Session Based Test Approach can always be used when your are doing a test assignment. Your notes will support your work and help you to make informative decisions.

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