Is it good to get sick during your holidays?

I have being sick during the Christmas holiday season. For the family it is a sad situation, especially when it happens during the holidays. All planned activities have to be canceled. But as an independent contractor, is it a bad situation?

Money wise, I think not. I planned these days as no-income days. Note that being sick and forced to stay at home means no income.

Belief me, I had other plans. Doing nice things with the family and friends.

Luckily I was not bound to my bed. While being a bit feverish and coughing a lot, I was able to sit at the table and join the conversation with the family and my friends who visited us during Christmas. The outside activities were canceled.

So, is it good to get sick during your holidays? No,  it is not. These days off are planned to do (outside) activities, not staying at home.

I hope you share the same feelings with me.

Happy and healthy New Year

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  1. Hi Simon, I sincerely hope you are better by now. What a bummer to be sick during Christmas holidays. Take care, man!

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