On my way to San Jose, CAST 2012

As I´m writing this, I´m on my way to San Jose.

I going to the CAST 2012 Conference. This is the second time I´m going to this conference.

The reason that I´m going is, that this is a conference where you meet people who are very enthausiastic about their work, their profession and most important, share their experience. It is non-commercial and organized by people who invest their free time to provide a program with exiting topics, based on a general theme. This year, the theme of the conference is “The Thinking Tester”.
This year I´ll be facilitating some tracks, to help the organizers to make this event a success and ofcourse the experience you get out of this.

Before the CAST conference, I will participate in a two day test coach boot camp. Here we share experiences with eachother how we can coach (young) testers and get the good thing out of them, where they can add value to the assignment they work on.

After the conference, I attend a two day class on Python, a scripting language which can be used for test automation. This is given by Adam Goucher

Adding up, 7 days of some serious talking, learning, exercising and having fun.

I’m going to blog about all three events, only I´m not sure how many blogs this will be. We have some speed bloggers attending the conference and if they attended the same session I did, I for sure make a reference to this blog accompanied with my thoughts about the session.

As I promised to blog I did not follow up. The attempt was made but the results not shared. Sorry for that.

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