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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about some information to be used for self education and how to improve your learning skills for junior testers. I want to provide you some more information. Below a list (and URL) of magazines which contain a lot of information about software testing which can be downloaded for free (but you have to get a subscription first).

The Testing Circus :
Testing Experience    :
cOre     :
The Testing Planet   :
Software Test & Quality Assurance :
Agile Record    :
Better Software Magazine  :
Professional Tester   :
Logigear Magazine   :
Methods and Tools   :
SD Times    :
Tea Time With Testers   :
TEST Magazine    :

Most of these magazines have good articles about the software testing business, written by testers we all know, like Michael Bolton, James Bach, Matt Heusser, Marcus Gärtner and new writers like Lanette Creamer, Adam Yuret, Michael Lawson, Bernie Berger. A great source of information that will support your ongoing self education and for sure improve your skils.


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  1. Good to see Testing Circus in the list. Thanks for including in the list.

    ~Ajoy Kumar Singha

  2. Interesting list! Thanks for sharing

  3. autumnator says:

    It was a bit tricky finding the Better Software Magazine subscription page, from the link in this blog post. I instead googled for it:

    1. Updated the blog with your suggestion. Thanks

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