Good start for a junior tester

The last few months I get to deal with new (young) testers who are enthusiastic about testing. I recognize that most of them have followed the ISTQB course (or a TMAP course) on foundation level and some of them got some training from the consultancy company they work for. After that, they are thrown in the deep, sent to an assignment. Not a big problem as they now have to learn the trade in practice. As I see them work, they try to perform and contribute to the team. But if they don´t look out, they are suck into the contained processes of the assignment they are working on.

I think they need more. I like to offer three small things to the youngsters/newcomers to learn more about software testing.

1. Read the article of Markus Gärtner about self education, Alternative Paths for Self Education in Software Testing. Here you find a lot of information on how to improve your testing skills by doing it yourself.

2. Read the article of Michael Bolton on building a reputation within the test community, Building Your Testing Reputation. Three tips are provided to you how you can start on building your reputation as a tester.

3. Read the blog of James Bach about context driven testing, The Dual Nature of Context-Driven Testing. He offers some key distinctions on what the term Context Driven testing means, what it doesn’t mean, and how you can grow as a tester by learning more about its principles.

Further, I recommend the blog of Markus Gärtner of the CDT presentation James Bach gave at CAST2011, CAST 2011: Context-driven leadership. Some information is given how we are trying to evolve context driven testing as a community.

With this information you can educate yourself and improve your skills. This extra effort you put into yourself can and will distinguish you from the rest.

Welcome to the world of testing. Enjoy reading the information I gave you. Hope you find the information usefull. Good luck with your career.

Note: This is also useful information for the more experienced testers

Note: If you have problems with one of the URL, please let me know


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  1. Good advice. I always worry though that by introducing junior testers to the thoughts of others in the community early on will prevent them from learning from their own mistakes, or shaping their own unique ideas.

    Great to see you blogging.

    1. Huib Schoots says:

      First: good to see Simon (aka Peter) is building his reputation as a tester! And another DEWT blogging…

      I had those worries too, but it is far better to introduce junior testers to these thoughts than to “only” train them in classrooms. Especially when those classes are TMap/ISTQB, testers need more. I wrote a blogpost on this subject yesterday called: so you think you cas test?.

  2. Pete Walen says:

    Very nice, very well stated. It was a pleasure meeting you at CAST. All the best –


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